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The Coventry Public Library will be closed for the installation of new carpeting from Sunday, September 10 through Friday, September 15.

Candy Molds

The Coventry Public Library has a collection of candy and lollipop molds, generously provided by the Friends of the Coventry Library.  These molds are to be checked out for three weeks, with one renewal option.  While there is no limit on the amount of molds that can be checked out, standard late fines of .10 cents a day per item do apply.  To check out a mold, please go to the Youth Services Department to pick up a check-out card for a mold.

The following candy and lollipop molds are available:

1. Springtime Treats (Lollipop Mold)

2. Smiley Faces (Lollipop Mold)

3. Christmas Trees (Pretzel Mold)

4. Cordial Cups (Candy Mold)

5. Santa and Reindeer (Pretzel Mold)

6. Sea Shells (Candy Mold)

7. Mint Discs (Candy Mold)

8. Roses (Lollipop Mold)

9. Hearts (Candy Mold)

10. Roses in Bloom (Candy Mold)

11. Ducks (Candy Mold)

12. Party Lollipops (Lollipop Mold, no picture)