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Greene Book Recommendations

April, 2014

By: Jojo Moyes
In 1916, Sophie Lefevre's small French village is occupied by the Germans. Her portrait, painted by her artist husband, catches the eye of the German Kommandant. When news arrives that Sophie's husband is a POW, Sophie risks her reputation at a gamble to save him. One hundred years later, Liv's husband David buys Sophie's portrait as a wedding gift for his wife. After his sudden death, Liv discovers that the portrait is considered to be stolen, and the Lefevre family demands its return. Readers will be touched by this breathtaking story of love, loss, and sacrifice
By: Kayli Stollak
In this lighthearted memoir, Stollak and her feisty grandmother set out to explore the world of online dating. Stollak is a well-paid cocktail waitress in her early twenties living in Manhattan, while "Granny" is a comfortably retired Jewish lady in her seventies living in Florida. Readers will find their adventures to be entertaining and will be touched by the close bond between this unlikely pair of swingers.

March, 2014

By: Charles Finch
Will Baker, a graduate of Yale and former campaign worker, sets off to earn a master's degree at Oxford in 2005. He is quickly enthralled by the traditions of his new abode. Will makes friends easily with a multi-national group of characters, but he falls hopelessly in love with the English Sophie.
By: Karen Mack, Jennifer Kaufman
The protagonist of this novel is Minna Bernays, sister-in-law of Sigmund Freud. In 1890's Vienna, Minna's options as a young woman are limited to marriage or to a very limited number of professions, including lady's maid or governess. She comes to live with her sister to help with the six young Freud children. Minna is gradually captivated by Sigmund's theories, and as they spend more time together, a physical attraction between them grows as well. This book is the author's interpretation of their affair which had never been confirmed until years after their deaths.
By: Rachel Urquhart
This novel is set in a mid-nineteenth century Shaker community during a period called "The Era of Manifestations." Teenager Polly Kimball and her younger brother are indentured to the Shakers by their mother. Polly is hailed as a visionist by some of the Shakers while others completely mistrust her. As she struggles to adjust to Shaker life, Polly is tormented by two life-altering secrets. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy Urquhart's first novel.