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Greene Book Recommendations

December, 2014

By: Courtney Collins
First-time novelist Courtney Collins immediately hooks her readers with this captivating story set in early 20th century Australia. Jessie has been a circus performer and horse rustler. Forced into a miserable marriage to an abusive alcoholic, she finally hatches a plan to escape. After killing her husband, she is pursued by a posse intent on a cash reward. Jessie manages to stay a step ahead of them.

November, 2014

By: Sigrid MacRae
Sigrid MacRae's wonderful family memoir is set in the turbulent time of WWII. Her mother, who married a Russian exile in the late 1920s, wound up a widow with six children after her husband was killed fighting for the Germans. After finding a long-unopened box of love letters between her parents, MacRae set out to discover the father she never knew, and in the process came to understand the extraordinary, bi-continental and multigenerational history of her family.