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Greene Book Recommendations

April, 2015

By: Tim Johnston
Caitlin Courtland's high school graduation gift is a trip to Colorado with her family. She and her brother set off on an early morning run, but only he returns from the mountains. The family struggles to cope with her disappearance. Mother Angela's grasp on sanity is sorely tested back home in Wisconsin. Father Grant chooses to stay in Colorado in the hopes of keeping the search for Caitlyn alive. Brother Sean is tormented by his failure to protect his sister on the fateful day. Years after her disappearance, an unlikely hero stumbles upon the key to the mystery. Readers will find this book hard to put down.

March, 2015

By: J. Courtney Sullivan
Three generations of Kelleher women make their way to the family beach house in Maine one momentous summer. Maggie is thirty-two years old, unmarried, and pregnant. Alice is the bitter, mean-spirited matriarch of the family. Kathleen is a recovering alcoholic who had hoped to never step foot in the Maine house again but is drawn back to help her daughter Maggie. Ann Marie's daughter has announced that she is a lesbian and her son has been fired from every job he has ever held. Sullivan weaves a captivating tale of social climbing, Catholic guilt, and sibling rivalry.