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Greene Book Recommendations

September, 2016

By: Laura McHugh
When Arden Arrowood was eight years old, her two-year-old twin sisters were abducted while playing in the yard. The family moved away and her parents' marriage dissolved after a few years. Now a young graduate student, Arden has inherited the Arrowood mansion from her grandparents. Having never given up hope of finding her sisters alive, Arden renews her efforts of finding the truth of what happened that horrible day.

August, 2016

By: Ruta Sepetys
Joana, Heinz, Klaus, and Emilia are part of a small group of refugees, desperate to escape the advancing Soviet soldiers in the waning days of World War II. The mysterious Florian reluctantly joins their group. Alfred is a young, proud German sailor serving on the Wilhelm Gustloff. Alternating from four different points of view, the author creates a captivating and tragic story about the horror and senselessness of war. Although written for a mature teen audience, adults will thoroughly enjoy this excellent piece of historical fiction.