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Greene Book Recommendations

October, 2016

By: Paulette Jiles
In 1870, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is paid $50 to escort a young girl four hundred miles through the Texas wilderness to San Antonio. Young Johanna was captured by the Kiowa as a six-year-old and adopted into their tribe. She mourns the loss of her Indian family and tries to return to them. Gradually, Captain Kidd's gentleness and patience begin to win the confidence and respect of this bereft youngster and they begin to rely upon each other. This is an excellent piece of historical fiction.

September, 2016

By: Laura McHugh
When Arden Arrowood was eight years old, her two-year-old twin sisters were abducted while playing in the yard. The family moved away and her parents' marriage dissolved after a few years. Now a young graduate student, Arden has inherited the Arrowood mansion from her grandparents. Having never given up hope of finding her sisters alive, Arden renews her efforts of finding the truth of what happened that horrible day.