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Greene Book Recommendations

January, 2015

By: Ronald Kessler
Investigative reporter Ronald Kessler develops two themes in this book. In one, he focuses on Secret Service procedures, history, and policy. In the other, he relates the anecdotes of agents assigned to recent presidents and their families. Ronald Reagan was very solicitous and generous to the agents assigned to protect him; Nancy Reagan was cold and imperious with her agents. Jimmy Carter made a show of carrying his own luggage when newspaper photographers were in view, but agents carried it in all other situations. Being assigned to Hillary Clinton's detail is seen as punishment, but daughter Chelsea is polite and gracious towards her protectors. Kessler describes how pressure from the White House has often compromised the ability of the Secret Service to guarantee the safety of its charges.

December, 2014

By: Courtney Collins
First-time novelist Courtney Collins immediately hooks her readers with this captivating story set in early 20th century Australia. Jessie has been a circus performer and horse rustler. Forced into a miserable marriage to an abusive alcoholic, she finally hatches a plan to escape. After killing her husband, she is pursued by a posse intent on a cash reward. Jessie manages to stay a step ahead of them.