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Greene Book Recommendations

July, 2014

By: Kathleen Kent
In 19th century Texas, Lucinda Carter escapes from a brothel with plans to meet her lover, Bill McGill, and help him in a get-rich scheme. McGill is a ruthless murderer being pursued by Texas Rangers. Nate Cannon is a newly appointed Texas lawman assigned to help the Texas Rangers in their pursuit. Author Kathleen Kent deftly interweaves the lives of her characters while capturing the hardscrabble life on the Texas frontier.
By: Elisabeth Gifford
In 1992 newlyweds Ruth and Michael begin restoration on an abandoned house in the Outer Hebrides, hoping to open a profitable bed and breakfast. After uncovering the remains of a deformed "mermaid" infant under the floor boards, Ruth begins to research the history of the house and village. Her research causes her to revisit her own very painful past as an orphan, shuffled around to abusive foster homes. This story will captivate readers from page one.

June, 2014

By: Peggy Riley
Amaranth is on the run from her unstable husband, the leader of a polygamous cult. Her daughters, Sorrow and Amity, accompany her, although Sorrow steadfastly refuses to adapt to life outside of the cult. Both girls are illiterate and are totally ignorant of the modern world. Bradley is a farmer whose wife has left him. Slowly, he and Amaranth build a romantic relationship, but Sorrow lurks in the background ready to destroy everyone's happiness.
By: R. B. Chesterton, Carolyn Haines
Young Aine Cahill is a doctoral student writing her dissertation about an alleged affair between one of her female ancestors and Henry David Thoreau. While renting a cabin near Walden Pond, Aine begins to see the malevolent ghost of a young girl. Mysterious happenings and two murders follow. Is Aine really the victim of a vengeful spirit? Or, is she simply a young woman who has lost her sanity?