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Greene Book Recommendations

November, 2015

By: J. Maarten Troost
Travel writer Troost turns his attention from life in the South Pacific to China where he spent several months traveling in the mid 2000's. Air pollution in China is a horrendous problem about which the government seems unconcerned. Only in the far reaches of Tibet is the author able to escape the smog. Rural life is disappearing quickly in China as factories and urban sprawl spread across the land. A railway brings more and more Chinese into Tibet and other formerly remote locations. Troost encounters endless culinary surprises in a country where every body part of an animal is eaten. Particularly wearing to Troost are the lack of Chinese niceties. The local population spits everywhere, pushes and shoves on public transportation, and tries to take advantage of foreign travelers. This book is essential reading to anyone looking to travel to China.

October, 2015

By: James McBride
This powerful memoir explores the life of the author's mother, Ruth McBride Jordan. Born in Poland in 1921, Ruth came to the United States with her Orthodox Jewish family as a toddler. Her father, a rabbi, was a cruel man who molested Ruth as a child. Ruth's mother, a victim of polio, was handicapped and suffered many illnesses. The day after Ruth's high school graduation, she moved to New York, eventually marrying an African American minister. With this act, her Jewish family totally disowned her. Ruth raised twelve children, all college graduates. Readers will be quickly captivated by this book.