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Greene Book Recommendations

August, 2015

By: Haven Kimmel
Haven Kimmel is never more entertaining than when she is describing her upbringing in tiny Mooreland, Indiana. In her first memoir, A Girl Named Zippy, she described her early childhood. In this second, she focuses on the events of her later childhood and the transformation of her mother, Delonda, from an overweight couch potato to a college graduate and family breadwinner. Delonda turned down a college scholarship as a teenager to get married and have children. Marriage to Bob Jarvis, a man with a temper and a gambling problem, was not happy. In her late thirties, Delonda learned how to drive and began her college education, eventually earning a masters degree. This book is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy memoirs.

July, 2015

By: Joseph Kanon
Alex Meier left Germany for the United States in the 1930's and settled in California. His parents perished in the Holocaust. Alex is labeled a dangerous Communist in the post-war anti-Communist frenzy of McCarthyism. Facing permanent deportation and separation from his son, Alex makes a deal with the CIA -- he will act as a spy in the Soviet sector of Berlin. Immediately upon his arrival, he is swept into a maelstrom of secrets and deceptions. Readers who enjoy books about espionage and World War II will want to read this well-written work.