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Greene Book Recommendations

August, 2017

By: Noah Hawley
Scott is a struggling artist renting a house on Martha's Vineyard when he accepts an invitation to fly to New York City on a private plane. Only fifteen minutes into the flight, the plane crashes into the sea with two survivors - Scott and a four-year-old boy, JJ. Was it really an accident? Author Noah Hawley skillfully paints a picture of the lives of the victims before the flight. He also highlights the crassness of the media in their pursuit of ratings. Readers will be kept guessing until the final pages of this book. Fans of thrillers and psychological fiction will enjoy this book.

July, 2017

By: J. Courtney Sullivan
Nora and Theresa Flynn are twenty-one and seventeen years old, respectively, when the leave their home in Ireland for late 1950's Boston. Quiet Nora is meant to marry her kindhearted fiance, but she drags her feet. Theresa is vivacious, energetic, and totally delighted with Boston. When she becomes pregnant by a married man, Theresa is left with few options. Years later, Nora is the mother of four grown children and Theresa is a cloistered nun living in Vermont. Estranged from each other for many years, a tragic accident brings them back together. Readers who enjoy fiction about family dynamics will enjoy this well written novel.