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Greene Book Recommendations

April, 2016

By: Fiona Barton
At nineteen, Jean marries the man of her dreams, Glenn Taylor. With an older and more sophisticated man, Jean allows herself to sit back and transforms into the compliant, obedient wife. Even when Glenn is accused of a horrendous crime, Jean stands by her man. When he dies in a freak "accident," Jean finds her voice. This book will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. The audio version of The Widow is spellbinding.

March, 2016

By: Wiley Cash
Although younger than his brother, Jess has always been the one to look out for his mute brother, Stump. Jess's mother is a follower of the Reverend Carson Chambliss in a church that participates in snake-handling. When Stump is taken to the church for a "healing," Jess is powerless to help him. Debut author Wiley Cash weaves an enthralling story about religious frenzy and redemption all set in rural North Carolina in the 1980's. Readers will be hooked from the first page.