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Greene Book Recommendations

June, 2016

By: Julie Myerson
Mary and Graham Coles move to a small cottage in the English countryside hoping to put their painful past behind them. Soon after moving in, Mary begins to hear voices in the house when no one else is there. Her stepdaughter Ruby is frightened by the sight of a young redheaded man staring at the house. Graham has also seen the redheaded man but assumes he is a farm worker. One hundred and fifty years previously, a large family who lived in the cottage took in an injured redheaded man. The author weaves two compelling stories about the events of each time period. Fans of ghost stories and psychological thrillers will enjoy this well-written book.

May, 2016

By: Helen Simonson
Young Beatrice Nash arrives in Rye, East Sussex in the summer of 1914 to take over as the Latin teacher of the local grammar school. Although mourning the death of her father the year before, Beatrice gradually adjusts to her new surroundings and embraces her independence. The local gentry, however, don't know what to make of an attractive young "spinster" with a passion for Latin. This novel is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy the subtle sarcasm in novels by Jane Austen and those who are fans of Downton Abbey. The audio version of this book is delightful.