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Book Recommendations

December, 2014

By: Ann Hood
Josephine Rimaldi is just a teenager at the turn of the 20th century when she is forced into an arranged marriage to a man eleven years older. After several years alone in the United States, Josephine's husband finally sends for her from Italy. She is revolted by her husband, but she gives birth to seven children, the youngest of which is shrouded in mystery. Over the years, as her other children begin their own families, Josephine cannot forget Valentina, the youngest.
By: Martha Woodroof
Rose Callahan creates quite a stir when she becomes the college bookstore's newest employee. Tom Putnam is a kind college professor, trapped in an unhappy marriage, when his wife suddenly dies in a car accident. Tom and Rose feel an instant attraction and affinity towards each other. The unexpected arrival of a small boy, Henry, with a birth certificate claiming Tom as the father complicates matters. Tom is overjoyed to become a father. But will Rose overcome her fear of commitment and settle down? Debut novelist Woodroof has written a delightful story full of quirky characters.

November, 2014

By: Lin Enger
In 1886, Ulysses Pope abruptly leaves his family in Minnesota without explanation. His sons Danny and Eli soon follow his trail which ultimately takes them to Montana. Ulysses' wife Gretta is convinced that he has left her for another woman. Ulysses, however, has been tormented for years by his part in the massacre of Native American women and children while he was serving in the Seventh Cavalry. He hopes to atone for his sins by seeking the father of one of the boys he killed.
By: Brando Skyhorse
Brando's mother is a pathological liar who tells him his father is an imprisoned Native American political activist when, in reality, he is a Mexican immigrant who lives a few miles away from their home. Maria marries five times, providing a rotating cast of surrogate fathers for her son. Brando attends Stanford University against his mother's and grandmother's wishes. As an adult, he finally locates his biological father and three half-sisters.