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Book Recommendations

August, 2015

By: David Nicholls
Connie Petersen wakes up her husband Douglas late one night to tell him that she thinks she wants a divorce. Their son, Alby, is about to leave for college. In spite of their unsettled marital situation, Connie still wants to take a long family vacation throughout Europe. Douglas thinks that he will find a way to win Connie back. The audiobook version of this work is delightful and listeners will occasionally laugh out loud to hear the various predicaments that Douglas finds himself in.

July, 2015

By: John Grisham
When Manhattan lawyer Samantha Kofer loses her job at New York's largest firm, she accepts an unpaid internship in a small town in Appalachia. For the first time in her legal career, she faces real people who urgently need her help. Big coal companies have moved into Appalachia to carry out mountain-top removal. These companies provide jobs at a horrible cost. Workers contract black lung, the local population is poisoned by toxins in the water, horrific accidents occur. The coal companies have unlimited resources to fight any claims made against them. Samantha finds her calling helping the disadvantaged.
By: Atul Gawande
Surgeon Gawande presents this riveting look at how modern medicine treats aging and terminal illness. A majority of medical students never take courses in geriatrics and are ill-prepared for treating the elderly. Doctors shy away from giving terminally ill patients a realistic prognosis. Ideally, the elderly and terminally ill should be asked what their priorities are for their remaining time so that a strategy with hospice and palliative care can be put in place to help them achieve their goal. This thought-provoking book is a must-read for our country's aging population.