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Book Recommendations

February, 2017

By: Anna Pasternak
The great love story of Doctor Zhivago was based on Boris Pasternak’s own affair of many years with Olga Ivinskaya. Written by his grand niece, this biography tells his story and hers, set in Russia during the Stalinist regime of surveillance and gulags. This is not a happy tale but a revealing one: Olga faithful through imprisonments and Boris both heroic and vain. The reader will find it fascinating not only for their lives but for the times themselves and the great literature born of suffering and fallibility.
By: Glennon Doyle Melton
Glennon Melton battled bulimia and alcoholism from her teen years to her early adulthood. After a positive pregnancy test, she managed to go clean. Three children later, her happy life is struck asunder when her husband confesses to infidelity and an addiction to pornography. Glennon begins a journey of self-discovery, learning to cope with her "hot loneliness" and pain. Melton is excruciatingly honest about her many shortcomings. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed will enjoy this book.

January, 2017

By: Anne-Marie Casey
Liddy James is a forty-something high-powered New York City attorney, best-selling author, and mother of two. Her carefully choreographed life spins out of control when her teenage son moves back home from his father's, her nanny suddenly moves back to South America, and repair bills to her apartment begin to mount. After suffering a breakdown on a talk show, Liddy packs up her boys and heads for Ireland for a long rest. She gradually succumbs to the quaint Irish lifestyle and decides to make some changes in her life. Fans of chick-lit will enjoy this well-written novel.