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Book Recommendations

June, 2015

By: Andrea Martin
So many comedians use humor to hide pain. Andrea Martin is no exception. Her autobiography will have you wince as she relates her long battle with bulimia , amazed as she describes her believing visits to an astrologer and smile at her funny, if somehow twisted, outlook on life. Her account of enduring two misbehaving boys on a plane flight is worth the price (or time reading) spent on the book. For anyone who has laughed at her antics on SCTV, this book will reveal her unexpected hardships. Read it for a smile and a sigh.
By: Marc Peyser, Timothy Dwyer
Two cousins could not be more unalike: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore’s brother Elliott. The celebrated Alice, for whom the song “Alice Blue Gown” was written became the wife of Republican Nicholas Longworth, Speaker of the House. Her acid tongue, sly observations of political life and hostess of abundant dinners and soirees made her the toast of Washington’s scene for decades. Eleanor was the proper supporter of many charities, author of a popular newspaper column, international personality and of course, First Lady. Though childhood friends, their sparring went on throughout their lives. This joint biography is recommended especially for those who enjoy the world of political gossip.
By: John S.D. Eisenhower
Sherman famously said “War is Hell.” Another general, John Eisenhower, has written a biography of the man that describes the career of the Civil War soldier with liveliness and momentum. No dry detailed accounts of battles but swift narratives instead of the war and telling descriptions of this unusual and extraordinary man. Recommended for Civil War buffs and those interested in American history.