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October, 2017

By: Helen Simonson
Major Ernest Pettigrew is a widower living in a small village in England. After the death of his younger brother, he begins to enjoy a friendship with Mrs. Jasmina Ali, the village's widowed Pakistani shopkeeper. They enjoy a shared interest of literature and quiet walks. Eventually, their friendship evolves into something stronger, but numerous obstacles stand in their way. Mrs. Ali is considered a foreigner even though she has lived most of her life in England. Her husband's family urges her to give up the shop to a nephew and live with them in the north of England. They conspire to keep her away from Major Pettigrew. Will true love win? This novel pokes fun at British manners and prejudices. Readers will find it entertaining and charming.

September, 2017

By: Kate Eberlen
Tess and Gus cross paths as strangers several times by coincidence over the course of sixteen years. Tess has had to abandon her dreams of attending university when her mother dies of cancer, and she is left to raise her sister. Gus is reeling from guilt because of his brother's tragic death. As the years go by, Tess works a series of low paying jobs and focuses on her sister's care. Gus fulfills his parents' expectations by becoming a doctor, but his real interest lie in cooking and art. Now in their thirties, Gus and Tess finally meet in Tuscany. Readers will be hooked on this novel with its appealing characters within the first few pages.