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Book Recommendations

August, 2014

By: Spencer Quinn
Dog On It, To Fetch a Thief, Thereby Hangs a Tail. With clever titles like these you’ve got to know this series will entertain. The surprise is the narrator Chet the Dog. Bernie, the human, solves many a case, but Chet knows as much and sometime more about what’s going on. Despite wandering thoughts and canine interpretations of human vocabulary, Chet is always instrumental in bringing the perps to justice. Next book in the series is Paw and Order. Pick it up for a great summer read.
By: Ben Montgomery
In 1955 at the age of 67, Emma Gatewood became the first woman to walk the entire Appalachian Trail alone. She did it without a sleeping bag, tent, or conventional backpack. When possible, Gatewood relied on food and shelter from people who lived near the trail. Halfway through her hike, she became a national celebrity, followed by several newspapers and a journalist from Sports Illustrated. Gatewood's walk drew attention to the trail and increased interest in its maintenance. She completed two more thru-hikes of the trail in addition to many other hikes across the U.S. and parts of Canada before her death in 1973.
By: John Feinstein
Baseball fans will especially enjoy this book about minor league baseball. For most professional players, success in the major leagues is fleeting. Many make brief appearances on a major league team, only to be sent back down to Triple A on a whim. Players must be resilient and persistent to endure the endless ups and downs of minor league ball. Feinstein deftly portrays the players and their grinding schedule as they hope for their lucky break to make it permanently on a major league team.
By: Garth Stein
Enzo, an old dog, is the narrator of this enchanting story. Enzo's master, Denny Swift, is an aspiring race car driver. Single when he first adopted Enzo, Denny finds love with Eve and marries her. They have a daughter, Zoe, whom Enzo promises to protect. After Eve dies, Denny is embroiled for years in a custody battle for Zoe with Eve's parents. Through all of Denny's bad luck, Enzo remains devoted and loyal. Readers don't have to be pet lovers to fall in love with this novel.

July, 2014

By: Artis Henderson
Like a cactus flower blooming in the most arid of conditions, the author’s love and marriage flourished despite the harsh conditions of Army life. The unlikely pairing of an Ivy League writer and a Texas rancher turned helicopter pilot produces a warm and affectionate bond ended starkly by a crash of his aircraft in Iraq. The accounts of her grieving and even the details of the deadly accident are searing and yet her passion for her husband sustains her through the ordeal. Her truths reveal the cost of war for those often overlooked or forgotten.
By: Damian Barr
In this moving memoir, Damian Barr describes his dysfunctional childhood in 1980's Scotland. Damian is left inconsolable at age eight by his parents' divorce. He yearns to spend time with his father, especially when his mother's new boyfriend torments him physically and emotionally. Bullied by other boys, Damian knows he is different -- he is gay, but he keeps this secret. School is one place where Damian can excel and find his own niche. As his home life spirals out of control, Damian plots an escape to a better life through education.
By: Ann Weisgarber
In 1899, Catherine Wainwright has been shunned by polite society for her relationship with a married man. Unable to support herself financially, she accepts the marriage proposal of a former admirer, Oscar Williams, a recent widower with a young son. Catherine leaves her life in Dayton, Ohio for a dairy farm in Galveston, Texas. She slowly learns to love her new husband, but the devastating hurricane of 1900 bears down upon the city. Will they survive?