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Book Recommendations

July, 2014

By: Artis Henderson
Like a cactus flower blooming in the most arid of conditions, the author’s love and marriage flourished despite the harsh conditions of Army life. The unlikely pairing of an Ivy League writer and a Texas rancher turned helicopter pilot produces a warm and affectionate bond ended starkly by a crash of his aircraft in Iraq. The accounts of her grieving and even the details of the deadly accident are searing and yet her passion for her husband sustains her through the ordeal. Her truths reveal the cost of war for those often overlooked or forgotten.
By: Damian Barr
In this moving memoir, Damian Barr describes his dysfunctional childhood in 1980's Scotland. Damian is left inconsolable at age eight by his parents' divorce. He yearns to spend time with his father, especially when his mother's new boyfriend torments him physically and emotionally. Bullied by other boys, Damian knows he is different -- he is gay, but he keeps this secret. School is one place where Damian can excel and find his own niche. As his home life spirals out of control, Damian plots an escape to a better life through education.
By: Ann Weisgarber
In 1899, Catherine Wainwright has been shunned by polite society for her relationship with a married man. Unable to support herself financially, she accepts the marriage proposal of a former admirer, Oscar Williams, a recent widower with a young son. Catherine leaves her life in Dayton, Ohio for a dairy farm in Galveston, Texas. She slowly learns to love her new husband, but the devastating hurricane of 1900 bears down upon the city. Will they survive?

June, 2014

By: Christopher Golden
During a fierce blizzard, the town of Coventry, New Hampshire is assailed by a malevolent force. Several lives are lost, and the survivors are traumatized. Twelve years pass, and another huge blizzard approaches. Ghosts appear to some, and strange occurrences abound. Who are the dark figures falling from the sky and dancing in the snow? What do they want with the living? The author deftly unveils the answers to these questions.
By: Liane Moriarty
One day Cecilia Fitzpatrick's ordered life is thrown into chaos when she opens a letter meant to be read only after her husband's death. Rachel Crowley is convinced that she has found new evidence to convict her daughter's murderer. Tess O'Leary is shocked to find out that her husband and cousin are in love with each other. Author Moriarty cleverly weaves the stories of each of these characters together while exploring the themes of guilt and conscience. The audio version of this book is a total delight.