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Book Recommendations

September, 2016

By: Ruth Ware
Lo Blacklock, a travel journalist, has landed the assignment of a lifetime -- covering the maiden voyage of the Norwegian luxury cruise ship, the Aurora. Lo is awakened in the middle of her first night onboard when she hears loud noises from the neighboring cabin. When she opens the door onto her veranda, she is sure that she sees a body in the water. Although she raises the alarm, all passengers and crew are accounted for. Who was in the water?
By: Liane Moriarty
Author Liane Moriarty weaves her magic once again in this outstanding novel set in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Sam and Clementine are happily married with two young children. Their close friends, Erika and Oliver, invite them to a barbecue at the home of their neighbors, Tiffany and Vid. What happens at the barbecue changes everyone. The audio version of this book is an absolute delight!

August, 2016

By: Camille Perri
Tina Fontana, office assistant to a powerful executive, is overeducated and underpaid. She lives in a drab apartment in Brooklyn with rats for neighbors. When a technical glitch mistakenly pays her enough money to eliminate her student loans, Tina finds that she can't pass up the chance to keep the money which is just pocket change for her boss. When other assistants want to take advantage of a similar scheme, Tina is dragged further into a scam that she would rather avoid. This novel by debut author Camille Perri is smart and funny and populated by quirky, endearing characters.