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Book Recommendations

November, 2015

By: Jojo Moyes
Bestselling author Jojo Moyes doesn't disappoint with this sequel to Me Before You. Since Will's death, Louisa has struggled to find her way. She traveled in Europe and worked as a bartender in Paris but has never been able to feel at home. After a horrible accident at her London home, she finds herself back in her hometown. She joins a grief counseling group and slowly begins to heal. A surprise from Will's past presents a rewarding challenge to her. Full of quirky characters, this novel will be a welcome read to Moyes' fans.

October, 2015

By: Alysia Burton Steele
Biracial author “Lisa” Steele writes to honor her black grandmother. Interviewing dozens of elderly women in the Mississippi Delta, she discover the welcome and warmth of women who have lived through the Jim Crow era and the Civil Rights movement. Nearly all of them have raised children and grandchildren through times difficult for African-Americans. Beautiful photographs accompany all the biographical anecdotes. An eye-opener for those outside of the deep South.
By: Sarah Waters
With a dwindling income, Frances Wray and her mother must rent out part of their family home in post-World War I England. Both of Frances's brothers have died in the war. Her father died at home in the last days of the war, leaving his widow in dire financial straits. The Barbers, a lively, young couple, move into the house. As the house's inhabitants gradually grow accustomed to each other, Frances and Lillian Barber become friends. One tragic night, however, changes everything. This book is an excellent choice for fans of psychological fiction.
By: John Harwood
Fans of the Victorian ghost story will love this novel by John Harwood. Told through the point of view of three different narrators, the story cleverly comes together in the second half of the novel. Constance is a young woman raised in an unhappy home after the death of her toddler sister Alma. Eleanor's mother and sister cannot hide their absolute disdain for her. She eventually finds true love in an ill-fated engagement to Edward, a young painter. John wanted to be a artist as a young man, but he turned to the law to provide an ample income for Phoebe, his bride-to-be. When she dies in childbirth, he is heartbroken. The fates of these three characters are intertwined with that of haunted Wraxford Hall.