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Book Recommendations

April, 2015

By: Graeme Simsion
In this sequel to The Rosie Project Don and Rosie have moved to New York after getting married. Rosie is busy writing her dissertation at Columbia when she discovers she is pregnant. After Don recovers from his shock, he begins the Baby Project, analyzing, researching, and planning for the new arrival. An overwhelmed Rosie begins to wonder if Don is up to being a father. This sequel is just as delightful as the first book. The audio version is wonderful.
By: Jamie Ford
Twelve-year-old Chinese American William lives in Seattle's Sacred Heart Orphanage during the Great Depression. He becomes convinced that his mother is Willow Frost, a minor movie star. After running away from the orphanage, William manages to track Willow down. The story alternates between William's narrative and that of Willow's during the 1920's. Author Jamie Ford does an excellent job of capturing Chinese American culture at the early part of the twentieth century in this captivating novel.
By: Paula Hawkins
Rachel, who travels by train to work every day, has studied the route and its surroundings like a scientist. One day, something troublesome catches her eye. When a young woman goes missing, Rachel believes that she has important information for the police. Unfortunately, no one will take her seriously. Rachel struggles to piece together the mystery of the missing woman. Readers will enjoy the many twists and turns of this suspenseful novel.

March, 2015

By: Cecilia Ekbäck
Survival in 18th century northern Sweden is tenuous for the settlers in the shadow of Blackåsen mountain. It is the coldest winter in living memory. Wolves have attacked humans, including Ericksson -- or have they? Maja believes a human is responsible for Ericksson's death. The author perfectly captures the harsh living conditions of the time period in this intriguing book.
By: Graeme Simsion
Don Tillman is a professor of genetics at an Australian university. In the hopes of finding a suitable mate, Don develops a scientific questionnaire which he calls the Wife Project. Unexpectedly, however, he finds himself drawn to Rosie, who, according to all quantitative evidence, is unsuitable as a potential mate. The audiobook version of this book is absolutely delightful and laugh-out-loud funny.