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Book Recommendations

January, 2015

Katherine Boo spent three years among the inhabitants of Annawadi, a slum in the shadow of Mumbai's international airport and luxury hotels. Abdul is a teenager who is the family's breadwinner. His garbage picking business has elevated the family above subsistence level. Asha is a self-made woman originally from the countryside. She has political ambitions and knows which bribes need to be made to which people. Munju hopes to become Annawadi's first female college graduate. Corruption runs rampant in all facets of Indian life, from the political, justice, medical, and education systems. For Westerners, such a life is unimaginable.
By: Nicholas Kulish, Souad Mekhennet
During World War II, SS officer Aribert Heim was a concentration camp doctor who tortured camp inmates. At the end of the war, like so many other Nazis, he managed to elude justice and settled into a quiet existence as a family man and obstetrician. His past, however, managed to catch up with him thanks to the tireless efforts of a handful of Nazi hunters. Heim fled to Egypt where he lived for many years, converting to Islam and becoming a beloved "Uncle" to an Egyptian family. He died before he could be captured and tried for war crimes. This book reads like a crime novel, and readers will be captivated from page one.
By: Amy Poehler
Poehler's memoir describes a happy childhood and adolescence in suburban Massachusetts. After college in Boston, Poehler moved to Chicago to pursue her love of comedy and improvisation. By the time she was in her early thirties, she was a star of Saturday Night Live and branching out into movies. Poehler's book touches upon a myriad of other topics as well, some serious, and others hilarious. The audio version of this book is delightfully narrated by the author as well as others, including her parents.

December, 2014

By: Ann Hood
Josephine Rimaldi is just a teenager at the turn of the 20th century when she is forced into an arranged marriage to a man eleven years older. After several years alone in the United States, Josephine's husband finally sends for her from Italy. She is revolted by her husband, but she gives birth to seven children, the youngest of which is shrouded in mystery. Over the years, as her other children begin their own families, Josephine cannot forget Valentina, the youngest.
By: Martha Woodroof
Rose Callahan creates quite a stir when she becomes the college bookstore's newest employee. Tom Putnam is a kind college professor, trapped in an unhappy marriage, when his wife suddenly dies in a car accident. Tom and Rose feel an instant attraction and affinity towards each other. The unexpected arrival of a small boy, Henry, with a birth certificate claiming Tom as the father complicates matters. Tom is overjoyed to become a father. But will Rose overcome her fear of commitment and settle down? Debut novelist Woodroof has written a delightful story full of quirky characters.