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Book Recommendations

July, 2016

By: Corey Pegues
An improbable but inspiring story of a black kid on the streets of Queens becoming a top cop in the NYPD. From the truth of selling marijuana, cocaine and crack to the truth of subtle and overt racism in the precincts, this is a fast moving recounting of a man’s journey of determination from one side of the law to the other. Proposed as a major motion picture deal, this book is recommended for those seeking to understand relations between blue and black.
By: Maria Semple
Bernadette Fox was a talented architect who was utterly destroyed when her award-winning house was intentionally demolished in a nasty feud. She and her husband move to Seattle where he becomes a successful inventor at Microsoft. After many miscarriages, their daughter Bee is born with a severe heart defect which is eventually repaired with surgery. Bernadette becomes a stay-at-home mom, but over time , social anxiety and agoraphobia rule her. When her husband considers forcibly committing her to a mental health facility, Bernadette escapes. Although devastated, Bee is driven to find her mother. Readers will enjoy this funny novel which pokes fun at social niceties and helicopter parenting.
By: Alison Case
This clever novel is a reimagining of Wuthering Heights as seen through the viewpoint of the Earnshaw's loyal servant, Nelly Dean. Growing up with the Earnshaw children, Nelly was well educated for a servant of her time. As she approached adolescence, her mother insisted that she become less of a playmate to the young Earnshaws and more of a housekeeper. When Mr. Earnshaw adopts a homeless orphan, whom he names Heathcliff, the family is in an uproar. Fans of Wuthering Heights will be interested in this well-written piece of historical fiction.

June, 2016

By: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
The four Plumb siblings have long anticipated receiving their portions of a trust fund which they have nicknamed The Nest. Unfortunately, their mother has used most of it to pay off a lawsuit brought against the eldest child, Leo. Debut author Sweeney introduces an intriguing cast of characters whose ambitions and dreams have changed over the years. She explores the power of friendship and family ties in this quirky novel.
By: Kemper Donovan
Richard Baumbach has moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast in the hopes of becoming a movie producer. At twenty-nine, though, he spends most of his time partying and maxing out his credit cards. Elizabeth Santiago is thirty-three and on track to becoming a partner in her law firm. These two strangers are chosen by a mysterious benefactor who has an interesting proposal: they will each earn half a million dollars if they agree to meet together for two hours each week for the period of one year. At first, Richard and Elizabeth feel totally mismatched. Over time, however, they begin to look forward to their weekly meetings. Debut author Kemper Donovan weaves a heartfelt story with this quirky cast of characters. Fans of The Husband's Secret and Big Little Lies will enjoy this book. The audio version is delightful.