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Book Recommendations

October, 2014

By: Charles M. Blow
This is a story of a successful man overcoming an impoverished childhood marked by sexual cruelty. Bullied from an early age and escaping through college by enduring brutal hazing, his intelligence and unending determination allowed him to reach his professional goal. Now a champion of children and individual dignity, his writing is an eloquent example of the wounded healer.
By: Amy Belding Brown
This novel takes place during King Philip's War on the Massachusetts frontier. Mary Rowlandson's town is attacked by the local Native Americans, and many of the settlers are taken as slaves. Some are adopted into the Native American tribes. Mary and two of her children are eventually ransomed back to her husband, a bigoted Puritan minister. The three former captives struggle to adapt to "white" life. Most of the surviving Native Americans are sold into slavery in the Caribbean. This novel will appeal to fans of historical fiction.
By: Jojo Moyes
Single mom Jess Thomas works two jobs to support her daughter and stepson, but she still can't make ends meet. Her brilliant daughter, Tanzie, has been offered a 90% paid scholarship to an exclusive private school, but Jess can't afford to pay the remainder of the bill. Their one chance is if Tanzie can win first place in a math Olympiad in Scotland. Getting to Scotland, however, is a problem. Ed Nicholls is a self-centered tech millionaire who is being investigated for insider trading. He offers, Jess, his cleaning lady, and her family, including Norman the dog, a ride to the Olympiad in his fancy Audi. Many adventures ensue. The audio version of this book is an absolute delight!

September, 2014

By: Cea Sunrise Person
In the late 1960's, the Person family was living an unconventional life in California, characterized by drugs and free love, when Cea was born to her teenage mother and young father. Cea's grandfather, Dick, led the family to northern Canada to escape society. After her parents' divorce, Cea lived in a variety of tipis in the wilderness without electricity or running water. Cea and her mother, Michelle, eventually left the wilderness to live with a variety of Michelle's boyfriends. As an adult, Cea struggles to understand and make peace with her dysfunctional childhood.
By: Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was born in Oklahoma as the youngest child, and only daughter, to a working class family. She was discouraged by her family from pursuing college, but, despite an early marriage and motherhood, Warren not only received her bachelor's degree but also finished law school. As a professor at Harvard, she was asked to serve in an advisory role during the banking crisis. What she describes in her meticulously-researched book will turn the stomach of the average American. The middle class is working harder than ever but is struggling to survive. The banking industry pays an army of lobbyists to push through legislation to protect their profits at the expense of the American consumer. As a senator, Warren hopes to have more influence to help the middle class.