Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby from Day One

    1. Read-alouds promote listening skills.  Listening is a critical skill in the formation of language.
    2. Read-alouds increase the number of vocabulary words that babies hear.  Babies undersand words long before they can speak.
    3. Read-alouds develop attention span and memory.
    4. Read-alouds help babies learn uncommon words.
    5. Read-alouds help babies learn to understand the meaning of words.
    6. Read-alouds help babies learn concepts about print.  babies learn that we read from left to right, how pages are turned, and the parts that make up a book such as the front cover and title.
    7. Read-alouds help babies learn to get information from illustrations.  Almost as important as the text, illustrations help generate language and inspire the imagination.  Illustrations are helpful in stimulating baby's visual development.  Illustrations encourage conversation.
    8. Read-alouds promote bonding and calmness for both baby and parent.
    9. Read-alouds stimulate the imagination and all the senses.
    10. Read-alouds instill the love of books and learning.  Research and practice show that reading aloud is the best way to prepare children for learning to read and future school success.