Homebound Service

    Due to the continuing health and safety concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), Homebound Service is temporarily suspended.


    Feeling Isolated? Try our Homebound Services


    "When my body let me down, the Coventry Library saved my mind." - A homebound library user


    The library homebound service brings books, magazines and other library materials to the homes of people who are physically unable to get to the library. These are typically elderly people who are unable to drive or others who have a temporary or permanent physical impairment that prevents their being able to come to the Coventry Library. Users must be residents of Coventry. Many of the users of the program are residents of nursing homes in Coventry. Usually the homebound coordinator visits every two weeks, bringing ample library material for users to choose from. Just about any library material is available - Paperback books, large print books, books on tape, and music tapes are the most popular.


    For any questions please call the library at 822-9100. If you have a very severe physical disability or are legally blind, you could qualify for free books on tape from the Talking Books Plus Program at the Office of State Library Services. The phone number for the program is 222-5767.