Homebound Service

    Patron Eligibility

    Homebound service will be provided to residents of Coventry, RI who are physically unable to travel to the library. Homebound is defined as being generally confined to the residence either due to convalescence from illness or accident, or permanently, due to age, disability or other mobility problems and have no other means of receiving library service such as delivery through family members or friends.

    For patrons who are legally blind please contact the Office of State Library Services Program at 401-574-9310 or TYY 711 or fax 401-574-9320.


    A Coventry Library staff member will deliver to you once a month

    • books
    • audiobooks
    • magazines
    • music CDs
    • DVDs

    This service is completely free and no overdue charges are collected, however it is suggested that items be returned in a timely manner. Lost or damaged items will necessitate charges.

    All items will be checked out on the Coventry Library Homebound card and a list of items dropped off to each patron will be kept on file at the library.

    On the scheduled delivery day, returning items should be placed outside of your home and your new bag of materials will be left in its place. It is important to understand that staff is unable to enter your home, so please be prepared for our visit by having your items ready to go. Your bag will contain a list of the materials delivered to you as well as a slip with the next delivery date and time. Homebound patrons are asked to adhere to the “next delivery date” slip. If patrons do experience a need in between the regular monthly delivery date the coordinator will be happy to hear from you, order/gather your new items, and arrange for curbside pickup by a family member or friend with your permission.

    Please call Deb Young at 401-822-9463 or email dyoung@coventrylibrary.org to register for this service.