Free Wireless at Coventry Public Library

    Coventry Public Library (CPL) offers free Wifi access.  Getting online is quick and simple.  All you need is a wireless-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet PC, PDA, smartphone, or eReader.  No special settings, usernames or passwords are required.  The following steps will enable you to use the library's wireless network:

         1.  Right-click on the wireless network icon on the right side of the Taskbar.

        2.  A window with available network connections will open.

         3.  Select "Coventry_Public (Unsecured)" from the list of available connections.

         4.  Click "Connect."  You have now joined Coventry Public Library's wireless network.


    CPL's wireless network is not secure so we cannot guarantee the safety of your online activities/transactions.  We do not guarantee a wireless connection, and are not responsible for any changes made to your device to obtain a WiFi connection.


    For our Parking Lot Wifi: 

    We have a limited number of computers available in the library, so if you would like to use a laptop or mobile device, you can now access WiFi from the parking lot! No appointment or library card required!

    Park in the Coventry Public Library parking lot or sit outside the library and, using your laptop or mobile device, select our WiFi network: Library_ParkingLot. No password required.

    The signal is available outside the building and in the parking lot.