Volunteer Opportunities

    Policy on Volunteers in Service to the Library
    Volunteers perform an important and much-appreciated service in the Coventry Public Library.  Volunteer work is always a supplement to, not a substitute for, paid staff.  They are of greatest benefit to the Youth Services Department where volunteers help with children’s programs throughout the year and Summer Reading Programs on a seasonal basis.  Volunteers often work on special projects that may be seasonal or temporary in nature and are always trained and supervised by a Library staff member.  The Library reserves the right to evaluate, to refuse, and to terminate those volunteers whose performance is not satisfactory.  References and Background Criminal Checks at the expense of the volunteer may be required.  It is not the policy of the Library to use volunteers who need community service hours for probation or other adjudicated purposes.  Individuals requiring court-ordered community service are referred to Serve Rhode Island at 401-331-2298 or http://serverhodeisland.org.  Because volunteer opportunities at Coventry Public Library are limited, every effort is made to refer inquirers to other opportunities.  When volunteer opportunities are available, Coventry residents will receive preference.  We give preference to teens that need volunteer work for school, honor societies, church, scouts, and other similar organizations.
    For volunteer opportunities for adults, call the Assistant Director at 822-9104.
    For volunteer opportunities in Youth Services, call 822-9102.
    Approved by the Coventry Public Library’s Board of Trustees February 1, 2005